Newborn A-Zs
{What You Need To Know}

I got this great idea from Amber at Two Color Photography!

Appointment - Book your appointment at the beginning of your third trimester. Book your session on your due date then after your bundle of joy is born, we will finalize your appointment! If you've already had your baby, I still have plenty of empty slots for you to fit right in! Call now to schedule your appointment! =)

Binky - Not all, but most babies need to soothe themselves & love their binkies! Please don't forget to bring yours. It could make a world of difference for your little one!

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Calm - Have I sure noticed the truth in this one! Babies can sense when we are nervous and stressed out! It is best for us to keep our little ones happy by keeping ourselves happy! Don't worry about getting to your appointment on time. I have wiggle room in my schedule so you can arrive relaxed!

Diaper - Put your baby's diaper on loosely before coming to your session. This will help keep those elastic lines off your baby's skin.

Energy - What time of day have you noticed your little one gets more energy? It's usually the afternoon or right when you want to go to bed am I right? I love doing newborn sessions in the morning while my oldest is at school. I've also noticed this is when babies are the most sleepy.

Feed - Give your baby a full feeding before your arrive! A full belly equals a happy sleepy baby. We will also stop for any feedings along the way as your little one needs.

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Gassy - Be sure to burp your baby after their big feeding. A gassy baby will be a sad baby. You can try avoiding caffeinated or dairy products a few days before your session. These have been thought to add to a gassy baby.

Heat - It is going to be very, very warm in my studio since newborns can't regulate their own body temp yet. I will have the heat up as well as space heaters. If you or dad need to step out for a few minutes of fresh air you are more than welcome to!

Interesting - I love to keep things fresh and new in my sessions! If you have a sentimental prop that you would like to bring to your session I would love that! Just let me know so that I can plan accordingly to fit it in with colors that I plan to use.

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Joy - It brings me so much joy that you would let me spend a few hours with your new bundle of joy! I love being able to capture these special moments for you to treasure forever!

Kids - I would love to take sibling shots! Please let me know beforehand the ages that will be joining us. I do the sibling pictures towards the end of the session & I know it's hard for kids to sit quiet for 2 hours. You can bring something for them to do or if someone is available to bring them towards the end of the session that would be great!

Location - I have a small studio in my home where most of the newborn pictures are taken. I am also able to travel to your home if you have some open space available to use. I love traveling to location as well if the weather permits.

Mom - This is your chance to relax, catch some Zzzz's, or read your favorite book! If you are wanting pictures of you and your baby, I will take these towards the end of the session as well. I will then get you into position and hand you your baby. Then work out all the details of your hair, baby hands & feet to create that perfect image.

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Naked - I believe babies look their best the way they entered into this world! And I take good care to make sure parts aren't showing. But I do respect your privacy and if you don't want naked pictures please let me know.

Open - My door is always open if you have any questions or need suggestions about anything please ask! =)

Props - I take time in creating newborn photo sets so that everything is washed and ready to go once you arrive. I don't want to waste your time by setting up when you arrive but if you have anything you want to add to your session, please let me know ahead of time.

Quiet - "Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby, cause babies don't keep." You may think that your baby will sleep better if it's quiet. But for the past 9 months it heard everything that went on inside of you from your heart beat to your lunch! ;) So I use a noise app combined with space heaters to create white noise that will be calming for your baby.

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Ready - are you feeling ready for your session yet? Please continue to read on (I know this has been a lot to read) then contact me when you are done to schedule your session!

Safety - Safety is first when we talk about your baby. I will not try to do any pose I am not comfortable doing. I may ask you to be a spotter and  keep a hand on your baby for me from time to time.

Time - Your newborn session can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on your newborn. They are on their own schedules with eating and sleeping so it's my job to be patient with them and take the time needed to get them to sleep!

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Uh-oh! - Yes, babies pee and poo and it can and probably will happen during your session. This is nothing to be sorry about and I have on hand items needed for such occasions!

Value - You will receive a low resolution CD for printing images up to a 5x7. For only $50 more you can receive the high resolution CD for printing any size your heart desires!

Wardrobe - as I mentioned before, you don't need to bring anything special for your newborn to wear. For you, the dad and your other kids I would suggest either white or black solid shirts.

X-tra - I always try to have extra blankets, burp cloths, diapers and wipes on hand just in case.

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Young - Please schedule your newborn session for when your baby is UNDER 10 days old. This is when babies are most sleepy and flexible. This doesn't mean if your baby is older that I won't do a session. Babies are wonderful at any age and we will get great photos no matter their age!

Zzzzzzz - If we follow A-Z, hopefully we will have a happy, sleepy, and cooperative baby and an amazing session!

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